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Topeak Race Rocket Pump

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Product Description

-Superlight, compact aluminum design inflates Road or MTB efficiently to 140psi -Extendable hose takes stress off the valve stem -Smarthead Threadlock works with both Presta and Schrader valves -Fits in jersey pocket or use the included frame mounting bracket

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Topeak Race Rocket Won't Work

I need some advice. I recently got a Race Rocket and I'm having trouble getting it to work. The connector doesn't seem to fit well on the valve causing it to leak as much air as I'm pumping in. Very frustrating. If anyone has one of these please advise.Read More »

Topeak Race Rocket Question

I am considering getting a Topeak RaceRocket HPX Pump for a friend's bike. Here is a link to the pump on Topeak's website: [url=http://www.topeak.com/products/Pumps/racerocket_hpx_bk]Topeak® Cycling Accessories[/url] My question concerns the mounting bracket. They call this a "centerline" brac ... Read More »

Better race rocket

I just got a sponsorship deal with the local shop in which we will get bikes at cost to race with. The 2 bikes that are around my price range and that I want are either the E5 s-works aluminum or the Tarmac Pro. I know the E5 is a proven race rocket but would I be better off to go with the Tarmac ... Read More »

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