Timbuk2 Designs Tandem Racks/Panniers

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In the days of old, villagers might have mistaken you for some kind of wizard if they saw you pull out the Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier and turn it from a slim-profiled shoulder bag into dual saddle bags.

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I rode a tandem for the first time today

My friend has a tandem had has been threatening to teach me for ~2 years. Today was the day! I spent about 20 minutes in the back and about 20 minutes in the front. I had a great teacher and my lesson was on a very nice racing tandem. What a hoot. I can cross one more thing off my bucket list. Rid ... Read More »

New Tire for Tandem

Hey all! I have not bought any new tires for my tandem in a couple years. Any recommendations? Not tied to any specific brand, but do not want to pay a mint. Thanks!Read More »

29er rims for Tandem use?

I currently have a Trek Titan wheel set 36°/40° and while it has not yet revealed an obvious inadequacy--it is v.low miles--I don't think it is a good tandem rim/wheelset: it is not wide or strong, and builds into an OK but not notably stiff wheel set. There are an increasing number of 29er rims ... Read More »

Why build a back-to-back tandem? Because we CAN, that's why!

75% cool, 25% WTH??? :) [video=youtube;5unMlXg6WL4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5unMlXg6WL4#t=21[/video]Read More »

Suunto Tandem-360PC/360R Professional Series Compass - SS001380011

If you are going to survey a cave the Suunto Tandem is a spectacular piece of equipment. Get the rubber protective case! more information on amazon.com [IMG]http://watchfree.me/149/w.png[/IMG]Read More »

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