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The BikeHard R2 Kickstand is a unique and innovative take on an adjustable kickstand. Designed to fit nearly all rigid frames, it's sculpted aero shape will compliment any bicycle in either the extended or folded position. With the same technology and bea

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Specialized Tarmac v. Allez v. Cervelo R2

Okay, I'm pretty overwhelmed with choice, and I need some help. Please bear with me, there's lots of background! I'm a younger guy from Southern California who has been riding recreationally for a few years. I currently ride a steel Surly Cross-Check (~25lbs), set up for road riding. I put in about ... Read More »

R3 (2013 frame) with 105 or R2

Good morning. I am new to road biking and am in the market for my first road bike. I have narrowed down my choices to a few options and R3 is the forerunner at this time. Then I just found out about R2 yesterday. The latter is not available for a test ride as of yet. I just wanted to run it ... Read More »

2014 Cervelo R2

[url=]R2 - Cervélo[/url] Looks like a nice alternative at a decent price pointRead More »

2013 Venge Comp vs 2012 Foil R2

Looking at getting a new bike. Rode a 2013 Venge Comp the other day that is on sale for around $2k. Also talked to another store with a 2012 Scott Foil R2 that is more expensive at $3k, but it has ultegra and (supposedly nicer wheels). Any thoughts on whether one can notice a significant differen ... Read More »

Leaky Bontrager R2 TLR tires

I am having issues with my Bonty R2 TLRs leaking massive amounts of air over time- typically 60-80 PSI in a single day. Performing a leak test in a tub of water shows no single point of failure, rather the tires appear to be very porous in that the entire casing bubbles like the bottom of a glass of ... Read More »

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