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Refined composite formula resists breakage & bending. New ergonomic shape is easier to handle than standard levers. Snap together for easy storage. Bleeder for Schraeder valves.

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Dura-Ace Wheels and Tire Levers

Forgive me if this has been answered before, but I just took a brand new set of Dura-Ace WH7900-C24-TLs out of the box and there is a little yellow tag on each wheel showing a tire lever with the universal NO sign next to it! The included instruction sheet says to mount tires by hand. What, are th ... Read More »

tire levers

I am asking is I have a seat bag but the tire levers are too long and I want to cut off the spoke side to fit. Is the spoke side really necessary or still workable without it?Read More »

Tire Levers

Need advice on a good set of tire levers I can carry in my wedge. Ease of use and durability being the main concerns. booglebugRead More »

All carbon clinchers & tire levers ?

I've had something eating at me a little, albeit minor, but it's a curiosty nonetheless. When dealing with all-carbon clincher rims - let's take a Reynolds Assault for example - how rigid/sturdy/impervious to crunching are they against a tire lever? I'm sure the wheel companies have taken this int ... Read More »

using tire levers to get tire on.?

as im putting on the tire and it gets to the last 4-5 inches... where it gets impossible... is it safe to use the tire lever to help me force it up? or is it going to bend the rim outward?Read More »

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