Campagnolo BB Tools

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Cassette lockring/cartridge bottom bracketTool Fits Record, Chorus, Athena, and Racing.

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BB for a Tarmac SL4 Pro

In need of a new BB for a 2014 Tarmac SL4 Pro, running the stock Spesh crank set. What are you guys replacing the stock BB with?Read More »

1980 Raleigh road bike with 70mm bb.

I just picked up this 1980 (I looked up the serial number) Raleigh road bike. Its in pretty good shape, I have trued the rims and greased all the bearings but I want to replace the crankset from a steel cotter key set to an aluminum square taper set. The bottom bracket (I measured with digital cal ... Read More »

C&V - Clicking in BB

'84 Super Course. Stock bottom bracket, 52x42 chain rings. The BB spindle appears to be about 150mm total length. This morning, I began hearing a pronounced "click" each time the pedal passed over top dead center. Later the click would be slightly past TDC, but it did seem to coincide with the ... Read More »

Aggrating BB creaking

So I started having some creaking around my BB some months ago. The creaking sound is one or two per pedal stroke; usually one on the left and two on the right, but it can vary somewhat. However it's always in sync with crank rotation. The bike is a Klein QXVPro with a BB-7700 and Ultegra FC-6500 ... Read More »

Will riding with a busted GXP BB damage anyting?

I have an older style 2009/10 GXP 68mm BB which started clicking a few days ago and got progressively worse very quickly. It's now louder and there is lateral play in crank arms. I've had it looked at and it is not a matter of anything loosening up. As I understand it, that vintage was prone to goin ... Read More »

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