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Dualco Grease Gun Tools

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Product Description

Dualco grease gun with short nozzle, fill with any grease for quicker overhauls...

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Grease gun for CK injector tool

Where can one get a grease gun w/ zerk fitting for the Chris King injector tool? I have found grease guns already with their grease included, but what I would like to do is use my own grease since I have a giant tub of Rock n Roll grease handy. I can't find a grease gun that I can load myself.. Any ... Read More »

Chris King BB Question.... (grease gun)

Decided to pick up a CK BB, and bought the grease tool as well. Question - which grease guns will work with the CK tool?? Also, for a given grease gun, will only certain brand grease tubes attach, depending on the shape/thread on the end of the tube of grease??? Or do you not really attach the gr ... Read More »

Alternative to Speedplay grease gun?

I'm looking for a DIY alternative to the Speedplay-branded "speedy lube" system or whatever they call it. Never having owned a grease gun before (yet very comfortable with, uh, grease) not sure what sort of adapter/nozzle thingy I should be looking for. Any suggestions? thanks!Read More »

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