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Lezyne Chain Drive Tools

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Product Description

Lezyne's Chain Drive chain tool is constructed from chromoly for strength and reliability. Its ergonomic shape gives you a comfortable surface to grip

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Phil's tenacious on drive chain in error...now what?

Hi everyone, Instead of T 9 I used Phil's tenacious on my drive chain. Should I just wipe off excess and forget about it?Read More »

Emergency fix - DA7900 chain on DA-9000 drive train

Hi guys - I had to open up my DA-9000 chain again (don't ask!) and had used my last chain specific chain pin. I have some on order, but they won't be here until Friday. To save my planned ride tomorrow I installed a slightly used DA-7900 chain on the bike. Seems to shift OK (not quite as smoothl ... Read More »

alternatives to chain-drive?

There is belt-drive and now I read, cord(polyethlene). What do you think, chains should go? Rusts and expensive, heavy. Any reason not to change?Read More »

11-speed chain on 10-speed drive train

I heard from an experienced bike mechanic that the Campy 11-speed chain works great with Shimano 10-speed drive trains. He is recommending them as replacements. Has anyone else had experience with this setup?Read More »

Dura Ace 7800 Chain With DA Cassette and Sram Rival Drive Problems

Hey guys. For some reason. I am having issues with my new drivetrain. Feels like Extreme resistance. when installed. Adjustments dont do much. Its a DA 6800 Cassette with 6800 chain With 09 Sram Rival Deraileur and Sram Rival crankset I tried swapping it onto my other road bike with Sram ri ... Read More »

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