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Most degreasers are not suitable for cleaning anything but your drivetrain as they contain chemical compounds that can damage the finish of your frame and components. That's what makes Motorex Bike Clean such an innovative product: it's a highly effective, solvent-free gel cleaner that offers a safe and easy way to clean and degrease your entire bicycle. Simply wet your bike with water and spray on some Motorex Bike Clean soap. After waiting 5 minutes for Bike Clean to penetrate, a wet sponge is all you need to scrub away dust, dirt, and grime. And here's a pro tip: start with your drivetrain and use a separate sponge for it, as you don't want to use a greasy sponge to clean your frame and other components. Motorex Bike Clean comes in 1L bottles -- enough for about 10-15 bike washes. Biodegradable and water-soluble, Bike Clean is safe for carbon frames and components and leaves no greasy residue to negatively impact brake performance. And since it's water-soluble, you can dilute Motorex Bike Clean with water in a spray bottle for those times when you can't find a hose.Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface transport: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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How do you clean your bike?

Normally, I just make sure the drive train and cables are clean, and I just let the dirt on the frame dry up and fall off. On the MTB, I'll either pour a little water over it and sponge it off, or maybe spray it gently with a hose if it gets really muddy. I try to avoid the hose though, because I ... Read More »

Bike cleaning and detailing...How do you clean yours?

Hey I'm wondering how everyone cleans the dust and road grime from their bikes? How do you keep your bike looking new? I was wondering if automotive cleaning supplies would work? Or are car paint and bike paint too un-similarRead More »

If you can't change a tube fast - clean your bike

Oh there is a correlation. I promise. Just not the one you're expecting. It seems that far too many cyclists are horribly unprepared for roadside mechanicals - even flats. I don't expect everyone to be able to true a wheel or repair carbon. I'm talking about adjusting a derailleur or changing a ... Read More »

How does everyone keep their bike so clean???

I love looking through pictures of everyone's bikes on this site but I've noticed that they all have one thing in common. All the chains/cogs/cranks are sparkling clean. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can never get mine to look like that. My chain always is nice and shiny but everything else ... Read More »

How do you clean and avoid damage to your bike from riding in the rain?

I posted a thread about riding in wet conditions a week ago – during our great deluge in SoCal. Encouraged by posters (many from the Pacific NW), I enjoyed a few rides when the rain wasn’t too heavy. What do you do to clean the crud (i.e sand, torn leaves, etc.) deposited on the drivetrain and els ... Read More »

Read More »




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