Park Tool Co. DT-1 Disc Mount Facing Tools

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Product Description

One of our top five most annoying sounds in the world would have to be the "squeak, squeak, squeak" of a poorly aligned rotor/caliper as we labor up any hill. Why then, when all of the physical forces of nature conspire against you as you climb, would you want to be subjected to such an offense? We think it's fair to say that nobody else likes this noise either. The Park Tool DT-1 Disc Mount Facing Tool will solve this issue so that it will never even be a problem after a new bike leaves the workstand and heads off to the trails.The heart of the Park DT-1 is essentially just an adjustable fixture that holds a small cutting tool that is used to "face" the disc caliper mount surfaces on ISO tabs. The facing process ensures that the caliper mounts will be parallel to the dropouts and in effect, parallel to the hub and rotor. Alignment of these parts is crucial for proper clearance between the rotor and pads in the caliper. If this step is taken, the result will be a free-running brake with no annoying drag and even brake pad wear, extending the lifetime of the pads.

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