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Pedros Cable Cutters Tools

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MSRP : $35.00

Product Description

Pedro's Cable Cutters. Cuts cable, housing and wire quickly and easily. Precision ground heat-treated tool steel guaranteed to last a lifetime. Comfortable cushion handles. Thumb lock closure makes it easy to open and protects cutter when closed.

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Need help from cable cutters

So I cut the cable about a month ago and I am getting along ok. I am about to buy a new TV so I can connect it to a computer. I looked at that I can get in the area from an over the air antenna looks like only 4 stations. No PBS and only network would be FOX. the rest I have no Idea what they are. S ... Read More »

Cable Housing Cutters @ Lowe's

Did not like the way the Park cutters squished the housing, so I tried something else. Kobalt brand cable cutters from Lowe's priced @ $16.98 made a perfect cut with only a little grinding to square up the end. They didn't mash the inner liner or leave the frayed housing protruding. The item # is 10 ... Read More »

Which Cable Cutters?

I am tired of ruining a cable because of having to cut off the crimped end, and the cable fraying, and would like to add a cable cutter to my wishlist. I did a quick search, and found other solutions for the end of the cable like super glue, heat shrink, and solder, but what brand of cable cutte ... Read More »

cable cutters and pullers

Hi guys, been doing some research on the above, and have been scared off the park tools according to some reviews, altho that could be for the older items.... I can get the shimano ones, but i wanna know if they are also suitable for campy road cables... these get good reviews, and i also do h ... Read More »

Pliers vs Cable Cutters

If you're budget conscious, would you just go for a Stanley pliers or Park Tools/Shimano cable cutters? is their any significant difference with the performance between the two?:confused:Read More »

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