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Pedros Cone Wrench Tools

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Product Description

Pedros cone wrenches are heat treated steel with a premium cut, no slip design. Each wrench features a comfortable plastic handle and an ergonomic design with maximum leverage for those stubborn locknuts. Pedros offers a limited lifetime w...

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Dura Ace cone wrench size???

Hi, I've got a bit of play in my back wheel, Dura Ace 7801 (I believe), and my trusty old 13/14 and 15/16 cone wrenches are too small. What will I need for this hub? A 17 and 18? Larger? Thanks in advance!Read More »

Shimano hub cone wrench sizes?

What size cone wrenches will I need to adjust front and rear 7850 hubs? Thanks for any help.Read More »

Pedal cone wrench

I am overhauling some Shimano M324 pedals. The manual says I need a TL_PD33 Pedal cone wrench. These are NOT cheap and online [IMG]http://www.lessthan.co.uk/images/medium/tlpd33.jpg[/IMG] Is this needed to tighten the cones on the pedals? Or can I use something else?Read More »

Cone wrench size for Campy Mirage?

I want to service the hubs on my bike, never did it before. What size cone wrenches do I need? They are 1999 Campy Mirage hubs. Do I need one cone wrench or 2 to adjust the bearings on the front hub? Thanks.Read More »

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