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Pedros HG Cassette Tools

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Product Description

Pedro's HG Cassette Tool Pro quality CrMo socket with stabilizer post. Precise fit with even the latest 9-speed HG lockrings.

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Shimano Deore XT HG CS-M750 12-27 vs Shimano hyperglide 12-27 cassette CS-6500

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two cassettes? I'm about to purchase one of these to put on my road bike and just wondering what if any difference there is.Read More »

swap LX cassette for HG road?

My wife's old Diamondback MTB (circa 1995) is now serving commuter duty on pavement. It's great, except that she's dissatisfied with the gearing since the 8-speed Deore LX cassette is very widely spaced (for offroading). It's probably a 12-32 with big jumps between each gear. Can we substitute ... Read More »

Little problem with new' (NOS) 7-speed HG cassette

Well, I finally got around to replacing my chain and cassette after 4600 miles. I have Ultegra hubs with the little spacer which is required when using a 7-speed cassette on a 8/9 speed hub. When I tried to install my NOS 7-speed cass, the locknut wouldn't thread on because the cassette was sittin ... Read More »

7 Speed HG Cassette - Work on 8/9 speed freehub

Ok. This is an easy one for people who know things, and I do appreciate the help. Will a 7 Speed HG Cassette (drivetrain components mostly Sora I believe) fit and work without spacing problems on a new 8/9 speed shimano freehub?Read More »

Read More »



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