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Pedros Mini Torque Wrench Tools

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Product Description

Pedros Demi Torque Wrench The Pedros Demi torque wrench is small and compact to address the increasing use of carbon fiber on smaller, more delicate parts.  Perfect for stem and seat binder bolts. Adjustable from 3 - 15 Nm...

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Mini preset torque wrench for seatpost?

I got a new car and will be needing to drop my seat when loading. It is a carbon frame with carbon seat-post. Is there such a thing as a small preset torque hex wrench for something like this? The torque value is between 55-65 in-lbf. Thanks RonRead More »

'Mini' Torque Wrench for biking...

Looking for a mini torque wrench for stems and handlebars, etc. I have a bad habit of overtightening things...I do use torque wrench on large items (cranks, chainrings, etc. etc.) but when it comes to adjusting stem or handlebars, I usually just loosen, adjust and re-tighten. the problem is that n ... Read More »

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