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Pedros Trixie Tools

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Product Description

Pedros Trixie Specifically designed for the fixed gear rider, the Pedro’s Trixie is the urban survival tool with all the right pieces to keep that fixie rolling.  Hardened tool steel give this tool a great feel and long la...

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Pedro's Trixie

Know where to get one? Can't find info on their site and online retailers have them listed but not in stock or not available yet. [IMG]http://www.velonews.com/files/images/Trixie.jpg[/IMG] Thanks StinkyRead More »

"Trixie" Got a face lift!!!

Here is my improved Trek Fixie.... "Trixie" I have been riding this thing around for a year with old(1992) parts and an ENO hub. It has been my main squeeezzz. So I decided to dress her up!! Improvements since I fixed her a year ago are New Dura-ace Cranks and bottom bracket, Dura- Ace front brake, ... Read More »

Trixie wants a Cipollini Jersey signed

Trixie wants a Cipollini Autographed Jersey......... I have looked around for her but no luck. Suggestions or info would be appriciated.......... ReedRead More »

Read More »



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