Phil Wood BB Bearing Removal Tools

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Product Description

Outboard bearing BB wasted? Phil Woods Bottom Bracket Bearing Removal Tool can remove and press in new bearings to your Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA Mega-Exo, or Race Face X-Type BB.  Please note: bearings not included....

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Bottom Bracket Bearing Removal/New BB

Hey Guys. Need new bearings in my 6600 bottom bracket, and was just wondering where to locate the tool (often with a collet ive seen) to remove the old bearings. I have brand new bearings sitting in an extra italian BB that came with my groupset so was just going to do a simple change. If not sh ... Read More »

Dura Ace BB 7800 Bearing Removal

Does anyone have a good non destructive way to remove Dura ace external bearings without buying the Phil wood tool? Im looking to maybe swap them out for some ceramic bearings from boca.Read More »

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