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Phil Wood uses a proprietary, 18-splined bottom bracket tool. There are two offered sizes. The consumer tool (part BMRTC0) requires the use of an external wrench. The professional shop tool (BMRTS0) has its own handle.

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Should I invest in cutting tools for opening a shop?? BB, Head Tube facing & Cutting

With so many bikes now made of carbon or allow, and with press fit BB's. How much demand is there to having tools to face or clean Head Tubes and BB threads. These tools are some of the most expensive to having a complete arsenal for all things bike related. But I'm wondering about the real need/d ... Read More »

Tools to remove SunTour II Superbe Pro BB

What tools do I need to get this SunTour II Superbe Pro (cup and cone) bottom bracket off. It looks like it needs a spanner for the outer notches of the lock ring and a separate pin spanner for the inner.Read More »

Record BB replacement - tools needed?

About to change my 2003 Record 10sp bottom bracket and wondered if i have the necessary tools for the job. I have the Park crank puller and the Park BBT-5 which does the BB and cassette lockring for the Campag cassettes. Also have a good adjustable wrench for the BB nut. As a bit of a novice when ... Read More »

Tools list for bb/crank work

I have my work stand...Park TW1 torque here tomorrow. I'm taking out an FSA SL-K crankset with EXO bb and putting a Dura Ace 7800 crank/bb. Does every manufacturer use a specific bb tool for their cups? This is a project bike so I'm not worried about hurting anything. Watched one the ... Read More »

Suggestions for crankset, bb, and tools.

So im upgrading my bike(Trek 1.2) to full 105 and im looking at the octalink cranksets and bottom brackets. My bike has a square tapered crankset/bb on it right now as thats what comes stock. Does anyone have any kind of experience with the octalinks and if so are they alright, or should I just go a ... Read More »

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