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Tools On The Road

Over the last few years, I've found a variety of tools on the road. Today I picked up a nice pair of needle pliers. Any other road tool collections out there?Read More »

30% off all bike tools / repair stands / floor pumps @ Artscyclery.com (even Park!)

[url=http://www.artscyclery.com/catpage-TDFPD7.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=promo&utm_content=day07&utm_campaign=tdf]July 5 - Stage 7[/url] The discounted prices do not show up until you add them to cart. One of many notable deals: Park PRS-20 Team Work Stand $146.99 shipped! Ends ... Read More »

tools you might want to avoid.

I actually had one of those stud finders. Utterly useless. I would go off every time I picked it up. Don't agree with the adjustable wrench one though. I would replace that and the channellocks with a Robostrip and that stupid oblong self adjusting wrench thing. [url=http://homerenovatio ... Read More »

Just about to order Ultegra groupset - now tools

Before I start, I want to make sure I have everything I will need. I figure, with a new group set, I can do everything but probably the BB install. I have my bike torn down, with just the cranks left on. I will probably ask at the LBS if I can watch the BB uninstall / install for future reference. ... Read More »

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