Ritchey Torque Key Tools

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Ritchy Torque Key. This simple hand tool allows you to properly install carbon bars and stems without fear of over-torquing.

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Ritchey Torque Key

My new favorite tool is the Ritchey torque key with a pre-set 5nm torque setting. For the most part this works for all the major areas such as bars, stems, deraillaurs etc. I use the Ritchey adjustable torque wrench when the bolt calls for more than 5nm. Bottom line, this is an awesome tool to keep ... Read More »

Can You Remove Tip/Ritchey Torque Key?

Anyone have success with removing the 4mm bit to replace with another size?Read More »

Anyone using Giant's "torque key" wrench?

While I have a full set of automotive style "click" torque wrenches, having the smaller T-handle torque drivers could be convenient, especially when travelling, at races, etc. The Giant wrenches are similar to the Ritchey wrench, except available in 2 settings ( 4 and 6 N-m) and the tips are inter ... Read More »

So I got my Ritchey Torque Key and

5NM is wayyy up there, if this thing is calibrated correctly. I'm surprised. Took the wrench out of the retail packaging and proceeded to check all the 4mm bolts amongst the flock, and never felt the thing release. Used it for weeks, started to wonder if it was broken. Finally got it to >Ker-CHU ... Read More »

Allen key torque wrench?

I get these cycle instructions specifying macimum torque settings all the time for scews with allen (hex) heads. I've never seen an allen wrench that was a torque wrench. If there is such a thing, can someone send me a link (preferably to a store where I can acquire one). I'm sure there's a "Hey ... Read More »

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