Ritchey Torque Wrench Tools

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Properly install lightweight components without over-torquing bolts -Italian-made torque wrench with calibrated precision dial adjustment -Measures 2-16Nm, with +/-4% tolerance according to UNI/EN/ISO standards -Includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5mm hexes, 3xPhillips, 2xFlat, Torx T-20, 25, 30 bits, plus a 5x70mm caliper brake recessed bolt specific hex key.

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Newbie questions: sealant in tubes and mini-torque wrench

I was going to post this in "Beginners' Corner," but it probably is more appropriate in this forum, even if it is pretty basic. I have my first flat on a brand-new bike and I'm going to fix it tomorrow or the next day. I've never done it before, but my plan is to replace the tube with a new one ... Read More »

Torque Wrench Damaged in Shipping?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, To improve the accuracy of my repair work on my own bicycle, I bought a CDI torque wrench online. This is a "Dial" type unit. To my shock and surprise, it showed up in a rather large shipping box, just rattling around inside said box with no packing popcorn or anything! ... Read More »

Using a Torque Wrench to Properly Adjust Your Bike's Bolts

[IMG]http://www.bicycling.com/sites/default/files/images/diy-wrench-tension.jpg[/IMG] LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT: No matter how long you've been turning wrenches, your experienced hands are no match for a torque tool's accuracy. The value of owning this gadget and the 10 minutes it takes to learn ... Read More »

What size torque wrench to get?

I would like to get a good all round torque wrench for the workshop that can be useful for all bolts on all my bikes. It has to be 1/2 inch drive. I'm not really after a brand but rather what size as in range in Nm should I get? ie 1 -200Nm, 50-300Nm etc Cheers, NFHU [IMG]http://dailydigitalde ... Read More »

How important is it to used a torque wrench for non engine components?

I want to start doing maintenance on my 86 Toyota Pickup truck, I've bought a Haynes manual and a factory service manual. I need to change the shocks and fix a leak at the exhaust manifold. The manuals all give torque specs for these fixes but when I watch videos online certified mechanics onl ... Read More »

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