Rohloff Wear Indicator Tools

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The Rohloff Chain wear indicator gives a quick and easy way to check the amount of wear on your chain....

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Shimano cleats: wear indicator issue not covered under warranty

I have had a pair of Shimano SPD-SL cleats for about 3 weeks. I probably have less than 150 miles on the cleats. One of the wear indicators has come off completely. I've done minimal walking (no more that 15-20 feet at a time over smooth surfaces). The retailer is not willing to warranty the cle ... Read More »

Chain wear indicator tool for quick and easy "screening"

There's probably a million threads on this very question, but I couldn't figure out how to search for it. Short version: Is a chain wear tool a valid screening tool - does it err on the side of falsely indicating excessive wear (good for screening) or the opposite - tricking you into thinking the ... Read More »

Tyres with 'WEAR' indicator???

Had to use this GP4000s as a spare and found this on the tyre after installing ... [ATTACH]266062[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]266063[/ATTACH] ok to use the tyre? :confused: [I] I had to use this 'spare' as I had to return my GP 4 Season to the Continental distributor here in the UK for a warranty re ... Read More »

Chain wear indicator tools. Which one?

I am wanting to get a chain wear indicator, and am not sure which one to get. What makes the Shimano one so expensive, and the park one so cheap? Does the park one do the job?Read More »

Campagnolo neutron wear indicator

Hi there Got a simple question, the campagnolo rims especially neutron, how is rim wear seen on these? I don't know if I shoul look for two small holes in the rim or if IT is indicated in some other wa? The holes are not there..Read More »

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