Shimano Crank Extractor Tools

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ThisShimano Crank extractor is precision machinedTo help simplifyThe removal of your crank.

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Ultegra crank self extractor thread?

Does anybody know the exact thread of the ultegra hollowtech (9-speed) self extractor cap? (I'm not talking about the bolt that attaches the crank to the bottom bracket, I'm talking about the little cap that actually threads into the crank.) I have a damaged thread in my crank and I'd like to buy a ... Read More »

Anyone have the Si Hollowgram crank arm extractor tool?

Does anyone have the Si Hollowgram crank arm extractor tool? They supposedly came with the Hollowgram Si frames, but I don't have one and my local dealer is just too difficult to deal with. Does anyone have one to sell, rent, or ?? Thanks ...Read More »

Crank extractor

I want to remove my cranks for the off-season clean-a-thon. I've never removed my Campy cranks before but I have a CE tool that I used on my old Shimano groupset. The question: Will my Park Tool crank extractor work on Campy??? In other words, is there a seperate CE tool for Shimano vs. Campy?? I ... Read More »

Help! I've stripped my crank extractor bolt . . .

So, I'm trying to remove my ultegra cranks and before I notice any better that darned little aluminum extractor bolt has stripped and fallen out. I tried to put the bolt from the other side in but it won't go in all the way and doesn't seem to want to get a good grip. So I decided against forcing it ... Read More »

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