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It works for cars, so why not bikes? Just like that fix-a-flat stuff you wonder about using, this milky goo seals small leaks and punctures, up to 1/4in. And the stuff works really well. The kit can convert most tubed tires to tubeless. And if you're already riding tubeless, it makes running low pressure and riding through thornbushes, glass gardens, and herds of goathead thorns all the safer. For those who are wondering, no the sealant doesn't freeze, doesn't alter the balance of the wheel, and can work in any kind of tubeless tire when combined with a UST or tubeless-ready rim. If you have a standard clincher wheelset, bear in mind that you'll still need to prep your wheels with a tubeless conversion kit before taking advantage of this sealant. The one-quart container can seal up to 16 tires.Tubeless 101: The Why and the How Explained.

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Tufo tire sealant for tubular tires blocks air valve?

This morning I found my tire's valve unable to take in air, even though it is slowly leaking out air so the tire was going flat fast. I use a Lezyne pump, so the external air pressure needs to be greater than the internal air pressure for the valve to open, and that has worked every time with this t ... Read More »

tubular road tire sealant ?tion

I'm finally jumping into the tubular world of road wheels after riding for 6+ years on clinchers. i was able to purchase a brand new set of 2012 Easton EC90 SL 38mm tubulars + Schwalbe Ultemo HT tubulars for a very good price of $700 delivered, brand new. My question, I've read that you can put ... Read More »

When do you use Tufo tire sealant

So do you use Tufo tire sealant when you air up a new tire or carry it with you to fix a flat? Does it affect the feel of the tires? How much do you use? THNX I should clarify. I'm thinking of trying tubular tires and want to reduce my chances of having a roadside drama.Read More »

Tire sealant

Just bought some new tubular tires. Wondering if anyone is using Stan's or latex as a tire sealant? It's been 20 years since I last rode tubular tires and I am sure they have come a long way. My LBS showed me a tire with Stan's in it and they poked a spoke through it and it sealed right up. Seems ... Read More »

tire sealant for Tubulars

Anyone here using any type of sealant in their tubulars? I have Vittoria Corsa Evo CX's, no removable core so I'm wondering if theres a sealant to use or should I not bother? The wheels are Bora One's if that matters, or anyone asksRead More »

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