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Tufo Valve Tools

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Product Description

Tufo Tire Sealant is your best protection against flatting your tubular tires. If you cut your tire while you're riding down the road the sealant immediately plugs up the hole. Countless cyclists count on it, and they ride their tubulars in peace thanks to the security they get from the sealant. You simply unthread the valve on your Tufo tubular tire and pour in a few tablespoons of sealant. In order to unthread the valve, you need this handy little tool.

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Presta valve closed inside deep wheel - what to do?

So I didn't get the presta valve cranked open hard enough and it must have vibrated closed, no air will go in. I tried pushing the valve open with small piece of wire, no dice. I have valve extenders on 48mm valve tubes on 81mm carbon wheels. Are there any tricks to opening the valve in there o ... Read More »

Which tubular valve extender

Hello, Im looking for a valve extender for a 50mm carbon wheel. Im new to tubulars and im looking for something to startup with. -Thanks FabricioRead More »

Can't Inflate Presta Valve

I've been trying to use a small hand pump to put air back into my flat tire with a presta valve. I've read the instructions from the pump manufacturer on how to change the pump to be able to pump air into presta valves and I've watched a bunch of videos on pumping air Ito presta valves but I still c ... Read More »

valve stem length??

If I plan on running 50mm depth wheels, will a standard valve stem length still work or do I have to go with something bigger?Read More »

Presta Valve and Extenders

So before I bought my new bike and the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS wheels, I grabbed a bunch of tubes from REI. The presta valve length on them are 48mm...too short to fit the 52mm carbon section of the wheels. The thing was that I thought the Mavics come with valve extenders. They don't. I have to buy ... Read More »

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