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Let's face it, a clean bike is better than a dirty one. But how often does your bike truly need a full-on wash? Probably less often than you'd think. Most of the time, you'd be wise to simply clean the sweat and/or drink residue from the frame tubes and occasionally wipe the excess lube and grit from the chain.VeloShine Bike Wipes are a handy resource and are perfect for the quick touch-up cleaning job. Bike Wipes come in a package of 18 wipes. Each one is 8

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can i get a final answer whether simple green and baby wipes are safe?

Its amazing how much conflicting info there is on the internet. After hours searching, still no definitive answers how to best maintain the cleanliness of my ride. I, like many, want to keep my way too expensive carbon bike clean. I have seen simple green highly recommended and highly ridicul ... Read More »

Wienermobile wipes out

Wienermobile wipes out Famed vehicle spins, crashes on snow-covered Pa. highway; 'hotdoggers' OK. [url][/url] "a few well-timed tugs later, the Wienermobile was back on the highway." "I've pulled out a lot ... Read More »

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