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Contour GPS 1080P CamcorderThe built-in GPS receiverTracks location with pinpoint accuracy so users are ableTo capture location, speed, and altitude while recording in beautiful hands free HD. Utilizes a 135 degree, wide-angle, rotating lensThat delivers a high quality image Captures allThe action with minimal distortion and no fish-eye Several different camera settings: 3 resolutions, 2 frame rates, or a still photo mode Built-in omni-directional microphone capturesThe rich sounds ofThe

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What computers/GPS's work with the Di2 Wireless Unit (SM-EWW01)?

There is this very cool little add-on to a Shimano Di2 system, the What Di2 Wireless Unit (SM-EWW01). It features the D-Fly Data Management system. In short, the unit transmits the gears the bike is in to a computer via a [U]proprietary private [/U] ANT wireless protocal. The kicker here is tha ... Read More »

Magellan GPS bike computers -- anybody got one?

I am in the market for a gps cyclometer with maps and I heard about Magellan's new (to the US) bike computers on the Fredcast. They look pretty good and perhaps a better value when compared to Garmin. Anybody have any experience with them? DC Rainmaker did an early review and the thing looks huge ... Read More »

Magellan / Mio 505 or 315 GPS Computer

Anyone using these in the wild? I've seen DC Rainmaker's review. I see that Amazon is selling the Magellan 315 but no 505. This looks way more feature packed than my Edge 510 or 810. It has Ant+ and Bluetooth to control your MP3 player. It also has Wifi so as to directly connect with Magell ... Read More »

Garmin 510 disapointment - Why no Bryton GPS in the US?

I had a garmin 305 up until 2 years ago when I bought the Ege 510. I've been to the Garmin forums and have read complaint after complaint about the firmware making the device problematic. I've experience it first hand. The Edge 510 isn't much of an advancement over the 305 even with the extra L ... Read More »

I need a GPS unit for a road bike that works around the city & tall buildings.

A few threads have been done recently on GPS units which I have got a few ideas from but this is my problem that I'd like specific advice on if anyone's able to help. My work motorbike (well it's currently a 3 wheeled scooter if you must know) has a weatherproof Garmin motorbike GPS unit. We ofte ... Read More »

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