Arundel Trident Water Bottles/Cages

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The Trident utilizes the same construction methods as the Dave-O, yet the two arm design cradles the bottle differently than the Dave-O. These wider, lower arms appeal to riders who grip the bottle by the waist as opposed to the neck. They don't believe there is a "right way" to grab a water bottle, by the way. Dropping the thing though - that's bad. The Trident is a particularly good match for monocoque style frame designs, offsetting the carbon examples with more carbon weave from the wide arms. The "tulip" shape at the top of the arms was added to ease entry when you return the bottle to the cage. This simple modification is technically difficult and more expensive to produce but Arundel feels the extra security is worth it.

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So just how many Trident subs does the USA need?

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Aegis Trident

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