Bianchi Elite Cage Water Bottles/Cages

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The Elite Ciussi bottle cage is used by many pro cyclists. It probably won't improve your cycling but it will hold your bottles firmly without preventing easy removal when you want to. Longer buttons with gel inserts hold the bottle more firmly than the

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What water bottle are you using with Elite bottle cage

I purchased 2 Elite bottle cages and put them on my bike. Then I ordered 2 Clean Bottles and they are to big for the cages..... For those of you with the Elite Cages what water bottles fit well and our easy to remove and replace? Links would be appreciated. [ATTACH]262332[/ATTACH]Read More »

Source for CIUSSI ELITE cage in white

Does anyone have a source for Ciussi Elite cage in white? I can find every other color but white.... It's probably not in production any longer.. Maybe someones LBS has one? Below is a pic of the silver cage...I want the same cage in white ThanksRead More »

Elite Italian Cage

Does anyone have the Elite Italian colored cage on their bike, im curious to see what it looks like as im interested in buying it. Please post pics if you can, thanks guys!Read More »

Moro d Elite carbon fibre bottle cage. Goodwill within.

I got two of them on my bike when I brought it, but had ordered other cages and was waiting for them to arrive. The cages were thrown in with the bike and I have no need for them now. The two of them are 58grams total weight and are a good cage, but I wanted Look Cages and now have them. If y ... Read More »

cuissi elite stainless cage snap

so on my ride yesterday i reached down to slightly tighten the cage and the damn thing snapped on one side. grrrr. i mean it wasnt new by any stretch, but isnt that kinda wierd for steel to snap like that? anybody have this happen to them?Read More »

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