Bontrager X Lite Carbon Water Bottles/Cages

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Bontrager Race X-Lite Carbon experience?

Does anyone have any experience with these in a cross race? I have a line on a good deal of the tubies and was looking for opinion. Tried to do a search and no luck. ThanksRead More »

large setback seatpost needed to replace Race-X-Lite carbon

hello everyone I have a Trek Madone 5.9 and it came with Bontrager Race-X-Lite 27.2mm OD carbon seatpost with 20mm set-back. I need a little more set-back, perhaps between another 5mm-10mm more i.e. 25-30mm total setback. I do not mind if it's aluminium seatpost because I doubt it will make any c ... Read More »

Bontrager X-Lite Carbon Aero Wheels

Anybody had any experience with the Bontrager Carbon Aeros? No reviews on them on the site. Any info would be appreciated.Read More »

Bontrager Race X-Lite Aero Carbon or Rolf Prima Vigors?

Hi. I am looking for some feedback on race wheels. I am looking for a light set of 34mm wheels that I can race on and that are somewhat durable (I weigh 150lbs). I was primarily looking at the Rolf Prima Vigor (light, 1450g in a 34mm profile) but I can get the Bontrager Race X-LIte Aero Carbons ( ... Read More »

Anyone have the Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon OS Bar?

I have a Specialized Roubaix Pro and am considering this Bontrager bar because it has a short 75mm reach. I am looking for an ergonomic carbon bar with a short reach. I looked at the specs for Easton, Kestral, FSA, 3T, Specialized, etc. and all of them have longer reaches. I like having the hoods ... Read More »

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