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CamelBak Groove Bite Valves - 2-Pack

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Cable groove in EA70 road bars

I just purchased an EA70 handlebar and I thought it was supposed to be grooved for cables. This one is not. Did Easton make a recent design change? I would prefer that the bar be grooved.Read More »

Burned a groove in my front roller...

Got on last night, haven't been on them in forever, went ok except after less than 3 minutes I smelled something burning. I got off, felt both tires they weren't warm. put the bike away, I should have already gone to bed, my son gets up way too early on the weekends, and noticed a groove in the fron ... Read More »

Your groove I do deeply dig.

A little morning commute mental soundtrack. :thumbsup: Read More »

Tubular rim groove

I just got a tubular wheelset. The front has a groove in the center of the tire bed while the rear does not (see pics). These are my first tubular wheels. Seems like most pics I see have a smooth tire bed although I was able to find a few sites showing a groove. For example... [url]http://vel ... Read More »

Socalers - let's get our groove on - ToC

ToC route announced here: [URL=""][/URL] Perfect opportunity for a gathering!Read More »

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