Camelbak Podium Bottle Water Bottles/Cages

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The hydration experts at Camelbak bring you the ultimate bike bottle.

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cleaning water bottle nozzle- (podium)

What can I use to clean inside the narrow opening? I have fungi-like material, even after bleach rinsing. I am thinking of (not sure of name) interdental tips.Read More »

(HELP) Looking for a pair of "CamelBak Podium 21oz Water Bottle No Graphics"

As posted here at wiggles. [url][/url] I can't find no U.S seller. Been looking as of yesterday..Read More »

Podium Chill bottle and Blackburn Camber CF cage?

Anyone have experience with Podium Chill 21oz bottles in Blackburn's Camber CF cages? Thanks!Read More »

Camelbak Podium bottle appreciation thread ...

I used to swear by Tacx bottles. Until I got a white bike. With a white bike the sports drink that spills from your bottles and cakes your bottle cages and bottom brackets is 100% visible and totally disgusting. Anyway, I was perusing the latest issue of "6 Ways to Increase Climbing Speed" and ... Read More »

Read More »



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