Camelbak Scout Water Bottles/Cages

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Get the next generation of mountain bikers hooked on hydration with the super cool Scout. This amazing little pack allows younger riders to carry...

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Business savvy Girl Scout?

Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary: 117 boxes in 2 hours. [url=,0,174680.story#axzz2u0z4VuFH]Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary: 117 boxes in 2 hours -[/url]Read More »

NUD Scout

Here's my build and review of my newest bike, the NUD Scout! I'd like to first thank Ryan from NUD for sponsoring the Western Washington University Cycling team and giving us a killer discount on these frames. We bought six of them and they all arrived within 2 weeks of the order date. I still ha ... Read More »

G*dammed Girl Scout Cookies

Bought three boxes today. Figured I'd 'ration' them, so as not to put on a couple of pounds. Nope. Nailed an ENTIRE box of 'Savannah Smiles', and half a box of Thin Mints, all within a few hours. WTF crack do they put in these things? Girl Scouts are midget dope pushers, basically. :eek: [col ... Read More »

Girl Scout cookies....

have crack in them....or some other addictive substance. At least that's my theory.Read More »

Girl Scout spies...

the double-headed eagle crest of Montenegro mercenaries intent on forcibly administering the H1N1 flu vaccine a plot to kill off right-wing rural populations servile bowing her mother and her friends ‘wanted to know how many casualties there were’ Way too much FOX News. [url]htt ... Read More »

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