Camelbak Scout Water Bottles/Cages

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Get the next generation of mountain bikers hooked on hydration with the super cool Scout. This amazing little pack allows younger riders to carry...

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G*dammed Girl Scout Cookies

Bought three boxes today. Figured I'd 'ration' them, so as not to put on a couple of pounds. Nope. Nailed an ENTIRE box of 'Savannah Smiles', and half a box of Thin Mints, all within a few hours. WTF crack do they put in these things? Girl Scouts are midget dope pushers, basically. :eek: [col ... Read More »

Girl Scout cookies....

have crack in them....or some other addictive substance. At least that's my theory.Read More »

Girl Scout spies...

the double-headed eagle crest of Montenegro mercenaries intent on forcibly administering the H1N1 flu vaccine a plot to kill off right-wing rural populations servile bowing her mother and her friends ‘wanted to know how many casualties there were’ Way too much FOX News. [url]htt ... Read More »

how many Girl Scout cookies did I just eat?

They were of the "lemon chalet cremes" variety. Serving size: 3 cookies. 170 calories. 60 from fat. p.s. this is an essay test. Cite your sources.Read More »

girl scout camp sites?

Doin' a little research .... Have any of y'all rented a Girl Scouts camp site before? Do they have rules regarding things such as alcohol? If there is a fire pit, do they have dry wood on hand? What should I know about booking one of these places? I called and left a message for the lady. Hopefu ... Read More »

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