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Perfect for summer or winter rides, the Insulated Clean Bottle keeps your cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. Double wall construction maintains a constant temperature 3x longer than standard water bottles. 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastic is soft and

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Tarmac and Roubaix owners: which water bottle cages?

Just wondering what your water bottle cage of choice is? The "Zee cage II" looks pretty cool (but as someone who's only ever used the standard $5 aluminum water bottle cages, the $20 price point seems crazy. Is it worth it?) Seems like it would make sense to put Specialized cages on a Speci ... Read More »

Z85 Water Bottle Cage Question

Gotta question for Z85 owners. The water bottle cage bolts on the seat tube are mounted so that when using a normal cage my water bottle is wedged in under the top tube making it difficult to remove while riding. Does the Felt cage fit differently or is there a cage people have found that has the ... Read More »

I need water bottle cages for dirt road riding

I set my winter bike up for mixed paved and dirt road rides. It works grate and with Spc. Roubaix tires on its not bad going fast over washboards. My problem is water bottle cadges. I have Elite custom race cages with new CamelBak Podium bottles. every time I would get on a washboard section they wo ... Read More »

21oz+ water bottle brand/sources

which brands do you like? Where do you get them (online)?Read More »

Anyone Using Cannondale "C-Cage" Water Bottle Cages?

Anyone Using these Cannondale "C-Cage" Water Bottle Cages? [URL=""]C-Cage[/URL] Please tell me if you like them or not? [ATTACH=CONFIG]294476[/ATTACH]Read More »

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