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using timex ironman "Chrono" "Start/Split" function for laps question

this is either a very stupid question or it is simply not possible but i am wondering if someone can help me with the following: i have a route where i get to a 3.5 mile "loop". basically i ride to the loop do a number of loops and then i ride home. and i have been timing myself simply in order t ... Read More »

Gaerne G. Chrono - opinions wanted

Thinking about getting these shoes. What do people think? How do they fit and hold? Looking more for personal comments then pointers to the web articles (just a few are available). ThxRead More »

My New 2008 Chrono 999 Competition Machine

I just got word last night that our Team is going to be racing on these bad boys. I get mine in November. I just can't stop thinking about it.Read More »

Resume Format - Chrono or Skills-based?

I've bene thinking that since I want to change my field, I need to change my resume. Right now, its in the standard reverse chrono order - last job first, blah blah blah. I'm thinking about moving to a more functional approach, like the following: =============================== SUMMARY STATE ... Read More »

Mavic Reflex vs Ambrosio Chrono F20

I've been talked into building up a tubular wheelset :eek: , by my evil brother. I rode them exclusively back in the early-mid 80's and actually have great memories - going years without flats. In looking around at rim choices, the 2 that seem most appealing are the Ambrosio Chrono F20 and the Ma ... Read More »

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