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Black stainless skewer

Random question. I need to change the skewer on my bike from the stock one to one that works with my trainer. All the trainer-friendly skewers i've seen out there are silver. Has anyone come across a black one that's not aluminum?Read More »

Condor Stainless Steel

Here she is. All the graphics are stencilled cut outs to show polished frame tubes beneath. Build is mostly stuff I already had. Just waiting for the stem to be sprayed to match frameset and she'll be done [ATTACH]297520[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297521[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297522[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]297523[/ATTAC ... Read More »

Stainless Options

I'm kind of digging the Soma Smoothie SS made with KVA tubing. It looks fantastic with the brazing, but it's not quite the type of frame I'm looking for (it has fender eyelets and downtube bosses...). Is there anything price and esthetic comparable out there? Also the triple cross SS version of the ... Read More »

titanum spokes or stainless steel spokes? what to choose or avoid and why?

greetings all I am looking into new aluminium road wheels (most likely custom built) and need to make some decisions regarding which kinds of spokes to use. Should I get Titanium spokes (which brand?) or Stainless Steel (which?). Is there anything else these days (I have not kept up with whee ... Read More »

Nitto stainless steel Bull horn Bar

Hello, I have been on the prowl for titanium 'anything' of late. Just pretty much seeing what's out there to upgrade parts on my bike. I was specifically after Bull horn bars in Titanium, but no luck ! Then I came across this Nitto bar… [url=http://www.benscycle.com/p-1250-nitto-eai-rb021-stai ... Read More »

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