Fox Head Vortex Water Bottles/Cages

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Product Description

Fox Vortex 24oz water bottle has an easy-to-use drink spout. Big twist-off opening allows you to add ice and clean out.

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My "new" Vortex

Bought this just now for a little under 1300 $, a Litespeed Vortex 2006/7, not seen to much use and after som TLC a great ride: [URL=][IMG][/IM ... Read More »

aftermath of the polar vortex

my driveway has entered a new ice age....welcome to glaciation. There are a few of you who have seen/driven on my is BAD....I have seen it worse, but not for a LONG time. This is what happens when rain hits a little snow pack on a driveway that has been chilled to -double digits for 3 ... Read More »

97 Litespeed Vortex value

[url=]Litespeed Vortex Frame & Fork[/url] 1" headtube. Cost in line?Read More »

POLAR VORTEX: hundreds injured

[QUOTE]MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—The so-called polar vortex caused hundreds of injuries across the Midwest today, as people who said “so much for global warming” and similar comments were punched in the face. Authorities in several states said that residents who had made ignorant comments ... Read More »

TACX i-Vortex: Can Strava or Gamin Connect be used to keep track of progress?

As the title states, I have a TACX i-Vortex trainer and would like to be able to keep track of all of my miles, both indoor and outdoor, on one device. Is there a way for Strava or Garmin Connect (Edge 810) to work on a stationary trainer? Also, any comments on the TACX films? I am considering bu ... Read More »

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