Fox Racing Vortex Water Bottles/Cages

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Product Description

Fox Vortex 24oz water bottle has an easy-to-use drink spout. Big twist-off opening allows you to add ice and clean out.

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Litespeed Vortex

Hi! Can I ask you what do you think of a Litespeed Vortex? I have the chance to buy a 2003 Litespeed Vortex Dura-Ace: [url][/url] 1.This is a 6Al/4V titanium frame. How doe ... Read More »

Somec Vortex frameset

Hi, I was thinking of selling a Somec Vortex frameset 53cm and not sure the best place to post for explosure because the average rider probably hasn't heard of Somec. I'll probably post here for sure but any other suggestions would be helpful and what a good listing price would beRead More »

Carbon ride VS Litespeed Xicon/Lynskey Helix VS Litespeed Vortex 2002

If I want to not feel as tired due to feeling ever little thing I ride over... must it I buy a carbon frame? It just seems like after my ride all the road buzz adds up. I am 6'1" 170 or so. Now Vortex: I think about 2002, it was the first year Campy came out with 10 spd. I find it to be too harsh ... Read More »

Tacx Vortex vs Bushido vs Fortius

So the Giro d'Italia is running high, and have the feeling that I MUST go conquer some mountains straight away! unfortunately the nearest mountains are over 2000 km away! So I decided that I need to buy a VR Trainer! It will be either The Vortex, The Bushido or The Fortius. I have some con ... Read More »

What size bolt on 2001 Vortex

Does anyone know the size of the bolt that goes into the saddlepost holder on a 2001 Litespeed Vortex frame? Mine is going round so I need to order a new one. Preferably a bit stronger than the one it came with originally. Here is a picture of the bolt I can read C8 A2 ?Read More »

Read More »




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