Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottles/Cages

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Product Description

Imagine a warm day out in the sun and your water bottle's plastic skin is slowly bringing your once cool water to a slow boil. As you put your lips to the water bottle, the warm water drips out and starts to burn your lips like lava rolling...

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Insulated Polar Bottle Sale

There is a Memorial Day sale at Polar Bottle which includes a couple of limited edition stars and bars water bottles. Good sale prices and free shipping if you buy 4 or more. Click on the Memorial Day bottles link. [url=http://www.polarbottle.com/products-page/limited-edition/]Polar Bottle | ... Read More »

Camelback Chill or Polar Insulated?

what bottles keep water cooler longer?Read More »

Insulated waterbottle for hot beverage?

I'm thinking it would be nice to ride with a bottle of hot coffee or chocolate on cold days instead of ice cold water. Any recommendations for a good insulated water bottle? Or maybe just a regular thermos bottle that fits in a standard cage? ThanksRead More »

Polar Insulated Water Bottles 50% Off

Not sure how long the code with last, but Polar is having a sale on their water bottles, 50% off with code FB2011. Shipping is free if you buy 4 or more bottles. [url=http://www.polarbottle.com]Polar Bottle: The Insulated Sport* Bottle[/url] I like their insulated bottles, but don't always li ... Read More »

Mavic Pulsar tights or other windproof insulated tight?

Anyone try these? Im looking for an insulated windproof tight. Any other recommendations? These or the Mavic Hydro look like they may fit the bill. I always had good luck with Adidas cycling stuff and from what I understand it is now Mavic's line. Anyone know of a place with good deals on Mavic cycl ... Read More »

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