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Specialized water bottles make the best cycling water bottles hands down. Now made with LDPE plastic 4 which doesn't contain BPA an estrogen-mimicking chemical that is FDA approved but some studies have shown it can leach when heated causing potential

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Water bottle as small storage

So on shorter city based rides I put my keys and some money in a dry water bottle instead of a seat bag, which works out well. However it doesn't fit my phone (iphone 4) . Does anyone know of a bottle that is wide enough to fit the phone but also fits in a specialized rib cage bottle cage? ... Read More »

Seat bag or Soma storage bottle?

What would you use on a short range errand type bike to hold a spare tube, levers and CO2 inflator? I know I lose one bottle cage to this but this bike is used for short rides so I seldom need to have 2 water bottles on it. I can't decide which seems less obtrusive aesthetically.Read More »

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