Profile Design Carbon Cages Water Bottles/Cages

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Profile Design Carbon water bottle cages. Weight: 18gTo 33g

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china direct carbon cages?

I've tried searching, but cannot find any recent threads about carbon bottle cages direct from china. Anyone bought in the last year and had good results? I cannot justify $100+ for a pair locally, but there are a lot around $25-30 for the pair shipped, just not sure if I'll be inviting trouble ... ... Read More »

Elite carbon water cages

Where is the best place to buy elite carbon water cages? Thanks.Read More »

Bikewagon Carbon cages for $12 and free Knog Beetle on all orders

I needed a couple cages and saw these mandible style knockoff cages for only $12 each [url=]Super Light Carbon Fiber Bike Water Bottle Cage Black 25 grams - Accessories - Closeouts - Bikewagon[/url] [img] ... Read More »

carbon cages

Hello, recently built my first carbon frame bike, a s works sl4. Very cool bike. However the spech' carbon cages keep coming loose. I am sure I am just not getting them tight enough, but not sure what tight enough is. Help.Read More »

Carbon bottle cages

really that necessary? waiting for my 2013 BMC racemachine to come and the dealer asked if i want the carbon bottle cages? around 70$ each!! i have heard you need ti put them in properly or else the carbon frame is damaged is that true? can someone please shed some light on this! :)Read More »

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