Tacx Source Water Bottles/Cages

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MSRP : $6.00

Product Description

  • Push-on cap with water proof pull spout
  • Extra grip thanks to the asymmetrical ring
  • Transparent colours and measuring stripes

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Source for specs (geometry) on various frames?

Ya'd think a quick Google search would yield the answers, but I found lots of specs/geometry tables... but they're not labeled, e.g. can't verify the year. Anyone know of a good source for this? Thanks. Note: one of the frames I'm looking for is a (okay, my) 2009 Scott Addict SL, and my em ... Read More »

ATTN: Promoters – course tape source?

I'm in my 6th year of promoting a local CX race. Up until this year, we've been fortunate enough to have a connection to a major bike manufacturer that supplied us with 14, 1,000 ft rolls of tape. It was great! That connection no longer exists, so I'm frantically searching for a new source. I do ... Read More »

Source for "O" cassette spacer

Hello All, I need a "O" cassette spacer (2.55mm) and can't find a source. Can anybody out there point me in the right direction? ChrisRead More »

Source for Race Machine fork?

I am the proud new owner of a 2012 RM01, what a bike! I purchased the bike used, and I realize now that the bike actually has a fork from an SLR01. My understanding (please tell me if I'm wrong), is that the forks between the two bikes are pretty much identical. Ideally, however, if it isn't too ... Read More »

Are nuts not a good source of energy while riding?

I had a "bad" ride a couple of days ago. I started riding in March and have been slowly building my mileage and elevations over the last several weeks and went out on a 50 mile, 3000 ft ride that I had done 3 months ago. I expected to "kill" it since I have really been getting stronger, but it "kill ... Read More »

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