Time Carbon Bottle Cage Water Bottles/Cages

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Product Description

  • 100% carbon
  • Ergonomic bottle removal
  • Aerodynamic design

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Bottle cage mounts spin in carbon frame

Project in my work stand at the moment is a Colnago C40 of the B-stay variety. Whomever built it up before I got it must have used something on the threads when they mounted the cages, because they're all gummed up. I've tried chasing the threads, but the mounts just spin in the frame. Does anyone h ... Read More »

How to repair loose bottle cage nut in carbon frame?

I have a carbon frame (well out of warranty) that has developed a loose water bottle cage receiving nut. In other words, the nut imbedded in the carbon downtown is coming loose. Still in, but loose enough the cage wiggles and I fear it's only a matter of time (one good bump) from coming out. Anyo ... Read More »

What is a good carbon bottle cage?

Looking for a couple new cages as one of mine is crapping out. What is a good carbon cage that won't drop bottles on say RR tracks?Read More »

felt carbon bottle cage - please help

hi i live in the UK and want to buy a pair of felt carbon bottle cages with the red accent for my new 2011 ar3 they are not available in the uk so thought i would buy them from the usa but the felt usa site will only ship to the US. :( i am really desperate for a pair of these. can anyone r ... Read More »

carbon bottle cage fitment

I notice the carbon cage don't bend very well.. I bought this one but it only fit some of the slimmer bottles I have and not really a bike bottle, it doesn't fit a specialized bottle which is pretty popular. and a metal cage bents to conform bottles of variety of sizes. I thought the qualit ... Read More »

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