Torelli Imports Carbon Bottle Water Bottles/Cages

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Torelli Carbon Bottle Cage

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Bottle cage mounts spin in carbon frame

Project in my work stand at the moment is a Colnago C40 of the B-stay variety. Whomever built it up before I got it must have used something on the threads when they mounted the cages, because they're all gummed up. I've tried chasing the threads, but the mounts just spin in the frame. Does anyone h ... Read More »

How to repair loose bottle cage nut in carbon frame?

I have a carbon frame (well out of warranty) that has developed a loose water bottle cage receiving nut. In other words, the nut imbedded in the carbon downtown is coming loose. Still in, but loose enough the cage wiggles and I fear it's only a matter of time (one good bump) from coming out. Anyo ... Read More »

Carbon bottle cages

really that necessary? waiting for my 2013 BMC racemachine to come and the dealer asked if i want the carbon bottle cages? around 70$ each!! i have heard you need ti put them in properly or else the carbon frame is damaged is that true? can someone please shed some light on this! :)Read More »

Ebay Carbon Bottle Cages

Looking for a low cost, carbon bottle cage. There seem to be quite a few good deals on $25.00 shipped for two. Anyone used them? What are the results? I have done some research and found a few older threads. Seems there were a lot of concerns about them breaking, bottles flying out on ... Read More »

Pulled Water Bottle Thread on Carbon Frame. Replacement?

Picked up a 08 Specialized Tarmac for cheap, but on the DT, one of the waterbottle threaded inserts was missing/pulled out. Any way to replace it or epoxy in something as a replacement? I'd like to run 2 bottles. Thanks!Read More »

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