Tour De France Carbon Water Bottles/Cages

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Tour de France Carbon Water Bottle Cage

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Question to carbon fiber types

Planning on building up a road bike over the winter and was confused by the great variety of finish and frame material. What's the difference between 1k, 2k, 3k, 12k? What's the difference between T500, T600, T700, T800, T1000 & T1100+? PS.: I'm considering chinese frames as I have read quite a lo ... Read More »

Almost got a carbon enima yesterday.

Was tired as I crossed a really rough railway crossing. I should have stood up, but I didn't, and heard a terrible crack/pop sound. Sheered the FSA Kforce in half right at the seat collar. I had to ride the remaining 10kms standing the whole way. I know... "cool story bro".Read More »

Imperfection visible in carbon fiber

Hi, While inspecting this EC90 tubular, I found a really small crack, mainly only visible under a flashlight or camera flash. I don't feel anything with my nail and it's possibly been there for 1000+ miles if I look at the brake pattern. Should I be concerned? :( [ATTACH=CONFIG]300299[/ATTA ... Read More »

Carbon road bike clicking/rattling front end

I am getting sick of hearing this really rapid clicking, almost a rattle. It sounds like something is about to snap. I am pretty sure it is up the front end although i know sound can be decisive. Anyway, I've tightened and adjusted the headset almost 10 times, sometimes tightening makes the clicking ... Read More »

Carbon or Steele same weights?

I was just treading up on two very solid looking bikes that are the same price range and same weight but completely different materials and design. The Washoe by LeMonde is Steele, about 17 lbs and about high 2K's. The Cervalo S2 is about 17 lbs and about high 2Ks. Cervalo is aero.. LeMonde looks li ... Read More »

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