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Velocity Water Bottle Cage is made from lightweight and strong plastic. It weighs in at 31 grams and it's flexy enough to hold your bottle snug.

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Z85 Water Bottle Cage Question

Gotta question for Z85 owners. The water bottle cage bolts on the seat tube are mounted so that when using a normal cage my water bottle is wedged in under the top tube making it difficult to remove while riding. Does the Felt cage fit differently or is there a cage people have found that has the ... Read More »

Water bottle cage mount nut

My new-to-me Cannondale CAAD8 had a sound like a rock rattling around inside the frame. Turns out it is most likely the nut from the back side of the water bottle mount (inside the frame). I only discovered this when I attempted to remove the 99 cent K-Mart bottle holder that the previous owner ins ... Read More »

Anyone Using Cannondale "C-Cage" Water Bottle Cages?

Anyone Using these Cannondale "C-Cage" Water Bottle Cages? [URL=""]C-Cage[/URL] Please tell me if you like them or not? [ATTACH=CONFIG]294476[/ATTACH]Read More »

Bianchi water bottle cage ?

I need an advice regarding which water bottle should be better for a Bianchi Superleggera. My boyfriend has got this road bike recently and he still needs some stuff, so I was thinking to buy him the water bottle cages. But, since I dont know anything about this subject, once I started my research o ... Read More »

Water bottle cage rivets

I have a carbon frame with 3 water bottle cage rivets that are in need of replacing. I thought of drilling them out, but am afraid it will mess up the surrounding carbon. Anyone have any suggestions?Read More »

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