Greenfield Kickstand Workstands

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Greenfield's Kickstand enjoys enormous popularity. It's lightweight, durable, and looks great on any bike.

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unable to catch mountain bike guy with kickstand and white cotton shirt

[I]hey mountain bike guy slick tires and right side pannier can't seem to catch you white cotton t-shirt... is that a kickstand i see? oh dear. out of shape. a pretty day, though and on my sansa clip plus i listened to this:[/I] peter murphy - low room steeldrivers - higher than the ... Read More »


My bike is still rocking the kickstand. I would say I have never seen another Road bike with one. So is it just a weight thing or are kickstands just not cool?Read More »

Kickstand for touring bike with disc brakes (Volae kickstand gizmo?)

Usually on my touring bike I use a greenfield chainstay kickstand, but the new frame I want is a disc brake frame, and the caliper is in the way. Do any of you use the Volae kickstand gizmo, that bolts to the drop out, and allows you to use a regular greenfield kickstand? Or do you have any ot ... Read More »

Who needs a kickstand when I have a huge "Rhode Island Red"

I love my city. Where else will you find an 8 foot chicken sitting in a front yard. For reference, that's one of my 29er's with a 19" frame. And don't think about stealing it either, there are two concrete anchors underneath it and a pair of cables looped through the legs. Anyone else have an odd ... Read More »


...not really, but I needed something flashy to catch your attention :rolleyes: Anywho, with the talk about kickstands, here's a cheap and effective alternative for most situations... Cut a piece of scrap from an old innertube and make a ... "parking brake" (applied to the front brake). [IMG] ... Read More »

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