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Let the Race Face Respond Seatpost support your freeriding rear. With an optimum strength-to-weight ratio, the Respond seatpost securely holds your saddle with an easy-to-adjust head, while a forged and shot-peened tube provides fatigue-resistance and strength for impacts.

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How to Respond to Really Aggressive Hookers

Has anyone had actual experience with or read an actual study on what to do if you are about to slam up against the side of a car that has just turned across your path? My plan—if it can be called that—is to throw my body up on top of the car. Anybodygotanyotherideas?Read More »

Celebrities respond to young cancer victim's music video

The first video explains it all....young man dying and writes a song about his last few months with us. This is powerful stuff: Then word spread and someone put together a celebrity version. Better grab a box of kleenex. Read More »

How should I respond to Colorado Cyclist?

I ordered a new fork from Colorado Cyclist for my MTB last week. It was a 2011 on clearance for $550. I called and verified the forks were retail packaged. They confirmed and I placed the order online. Checking my bank, they had not charged my card three days later, so I called them. This is wh ... Read More »

Why do threads that I respond to keep disappearing?

Last night it was the "Laber Lawyer" thread. Just now the "Rescue Dog" thread. Am I an internet black hole? Oh I see, it's a little timing issue. The Rescue Dog thread is down at the bottom because the last posting was 8 hours ago, ignoring the fact that I just posted in the last 14 minutes.Read More »

Woman & Men respond differently to exercise...

I read this on the weekend and thought I would post up the [URL="http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/30/phys-ed-what-exercise-science-doesnt-know-about-women/?scp=1&sq=Phys%20ed&st=cse"]link[/URL] It's a comment on a research paper by David Rowlands in [I]Medicine and Science in Sport[/I] (May, ... Read More »

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