Avid Shorty Ultimate Brake Calipers

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Product Description

Avid has perfected the cyclocross brake with the new Shorty Ultimate Shorty Cantilevers. This 2011 design is available in two preset configurations allowing riders to choose between wide or narrow stance. The narrow stance provides greater stopping power and won't catch legs during dismountsremounts it also doesn't interfere with rear racks on your touring bike while the wide stance offers the massive mud clearance needed for the most demanding 'cross conditions. Most riders prefer the wide stance version up front and the narrow stance in the rear 230g.

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Avid Shorty Ultimate replacement brake pads?

I assume they use Shimano road pads? What have you had the best performance with on alloy rims? I'm thinking SwissStop Green. Thanks!Read More »

Avid shorty ultimate or TRP CX9 Mini?

Hi folks, I just got my Moto fantom Ti team and I have to say that I really like the bike! I set it up yesterday; changed tires to 700x25 gatorskins and went for a 20 mile spin on the W&OD trail. The ride is pretty smooth and the bike feels solid. The ride position is much more forgiving than ... Read More »

Shorty Ultimate - I'm confused!

A very easy question I'm sure, but I can't figure out the answer! I want to get a set of shorty ultimates to replace the stock brakes on my 2011 Jake the Snake, and I want them both in the narrow configuration. So, does that mean I order two rear brakes, or one front, one rear and set up the front ... Read More »

Avid Shorty Ultimate question

I was looking at the avid site and am a little confused. Are there 2 models available, narrow or wide, or are they stating they can be setup in either stance? If they do have 2 which one is everyone running? ThanksRead More »

Avid shorty 6 vs.Avid shorty Ultimate

I have shorty 4 (stock on my 2003 fuji cross) and i'm thinking about upgrading.How much of a performance difference between the two?All experiences appreciated. Thanks.Read More »

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