SRAM Rival 22 Brake Calipers

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Rival 22

Looks like there's an update to the aging Rival group coming, complete with hydraulic rim and disc brakes, 11-speed, and YAW front derailleur (with chain spotter). [url][/url]Read More »

Rival vs Ultegra 6800 22....

Have a 2010 Kestrel Rt800. Had Rival put on it when it was new. Have never been super happy with the shifting, especially the FD. I don't like how noisy the drivetrain is, even replaced the cassette and chain to try and quiet it down. I have taken it to a couple different shops, tried to adjust myse ... Read More »

Force 22 Front Deraileur with rival ?

I think i read somewhere about using the new Force 22 FD on a bike with Rival nand it was a definate improvement inj front shifting. i'm getting ready to get a new bike and cant figure out how to go.Read More »

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