TekTro R556 Brake Calipers

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Tektro R556 Long-Reach Road Caliper Set with Cartridge Pads: Tektro R556 long reach brake caliper set. Dual pivot with high clearance for fatter road tires and fenders up to 37mm wide. Long travel quick release provides wide opening for tire removal.

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Are the Tektro R556 going to be any "better" then canti's?

Maybe its just me, but I don't like the canti's on the cross bike I bought. At all. These brakes suck. I guess for cyclocross on dirt/mud they work, but for a bike that will spend 50% of its life on the road they blow. I can't really get any pressure with the Shimano STI levers and end up using the ... Read More »

does a front Tektro R556 fit on a SOMA double-cross fork?....

spec: Tektro R556 Long Reach Road Calipers Silver 55-73mm I'm wondering if this caliper would fit on my stock Soma Doublecross fork. It's the steel fork with cantilever studs. I measured somewhere around 75mm from my fork's mounting hole to center of rim. Anyone run this brake with this for ... Read More »

Tektro R556 long-reach calipers on a cross bike

Hi all - I mentioned in another thread that I had put a Tektro R556 caliper on the fork of my Surly Cross Check. gios3 asked for pictures, and I figured it deserved its own thread. :) Here's the short story: it works, but it's a hack, at least with this fork. The hole at the back of the fork crown ... Read More »

Anyone tried using a Tektro R556?

I've been considering changing my front brake from cantis to a new long-reach caliper by Tektro, the R556. The reach distance on my steel fork is just under 60mm, which was too long for previous "long reach" brakes, but these ones go from 55-73mm. Like a lot of people, I've never really been sati ... Read More »

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