TekTro R737 Brake Calipers

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Product Description

  • System: Dual Pivot Caliper Brake
  • Material: Forged aluminum arms
  • Pads: P422 adjustable angle cartridge pads
  • Dimension: 47-57 mm

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Long Reach Brakes - Tektro R539 vs R737

Anyone know what the difference is between these two in terms of intended use/overall performance?? and maybe even can compare them to the Shimano R650s?? [url]http://www.tektro.com/_english/01_pr...e&sort=2&fid=9[/url] [url]http://www.tektro.com/_english/01_pr...e&sort=2&fid=9[/url]Read More »

Read More »



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